Accor Plasma Skin Tightening



A treatment with the A|C|C|O|R® Cosmetic Corrector is the gentle alternative to skin tightening surgery. The combination of plasma and LF+ technology, currently makes the plasma pen unique, world-wide.

Without touching the skin, the pen creates an ionised plasma arc which projects onto the skin surface. The plasma arc instantly vaporises a point of skin at the required position, thereby tightening the immediate surrounding area. This is an especially gentle and low-pain procedure which achieves incredible, permanent results immediately. Additionally, due to continued tightening after the treatment, we see further vast improvements. A major advantage is the rapid healing, made possible through the LF+ technology. When treated professionally, by one of our trained specialists and through adherence to the aftercare hygiene requirements, swelling and redness can be held at a minimum.


Upper eyelid Lift                  £450

Crows Feet                         £250

Glabella (Frown) Lines           £250

Forehead                           £200

Neck                                £450

Jowl                                 £350

Tragus                               £250

Mouth/Upper Lip                  £250

Marionette lines                   £250

Nasolabial                         £350


Accor Plasma ‘Shower’ Facial


This advanced treatment will revitalise, refresh and tighten your skin. It will also improve pigmentation, wrinkles, acne, rosacea and scarring. The Plasma shower has minimal downtime with fantastic results.


Vitamin boosting facial £150

Stem cell enhancing facial £200


Please note a patch test and full consultation is required before treatment.

Other Plasma Treatments


Skin Tag/mole removal

From £25 per skin tag or £125 for 10

Pigmentation removal

From £25 per spot or £125 for 10 small spots

Milia removal

From £25 per milia

Please note prices may vary depending on the size of area needed to be treated.

A full consultation, skin analysis and patch test  is required before treatment.

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