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Are You Overwhelmed by Facial Choices? We Understand.

Don’t you just hate it when you go to a spa for the weekend, spend £150 plus on facial treatments and 3 days later your skin is back to feeling how it did before you put on your soft white robe and slippers?! The excitement has worn off as well as the moisturiser and all you are left with is the credit card bill and most likely a large pot of cream that cost you more than the facial and you aren’t even sure what miracle it’s claimed to do!

We see this lack of results for clients more and more with the rise of internet product promises and poorly conducted consultations. Quite often this leaves clients feeling underwhelmed and skeptical about the real results that they could achieve if they put their trust in the professionals instead.

Unfortunately some of the luxury brands found in spas wait in the wings for tired, excited to relax customers so they can upsell them the treatments and products promising results that only give a temporary buzz and even more temporary result. Quite often clients are sacrificing regular facials for an annual trip to the spa not knowing that having a regular results driven facial is going to give them so much more benefit with the long term results they are really looking for to achieve their skin goals.

What if I told you that every time you came to My Skin Boutique you had an experience that lasted you all month until your next visit?! You may not get a fluffy robe and slippers but what we can guarantee you is a medi-spa experience of fancy refreshments, high end results driven products (without the silly price tag), gold standard results driven treatments, relaxation, an extra massage during your face mask to melt away stress and tension and expert advice to ensure you can maintain your results and achieve your skin goals.

The constant influx of beauty trends, miracle products, and treatments can create a sense of confusion. Which product is right for your skin type? Which treatment will address your concerns? It’s like navigating a maze without a map, and it’s completely natural to feel a little lost in the process.

This is why we created a quiz so that you can work out exactly what facial would be best to start with.  

Our quiz has carefully selected questions about your skin and lifestyle so we can help choose the perfect facial for you so that you can achieve the results you really want!

Let’s not keep washing money down the spa shower and see what difference you could make to your skins radiance, hydration, texture, elasticity and brightness all while relaxing and recharging during our results driven facials.

Take our quiz and discover which facial is right for you!

We look forward to seeing you in the salon for your perfect facial

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