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Hormones and Hair Growth

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Hormones and hair growth…

Have you noticed a change in your hair growth pattern, thickness, colour or density at certain points in your life? Maybe around a certain age, menstrual change or pregnancy?

One thing that all of these times in life have in common is there is a big hormone shift within the body. Unfortunately, with hormones we can’t physically see them but we do see some of the side effects that higher or lower levels of certain types of hormones can trigger. Some of these side effects can be weight gain, skin breakouts and excessive hair growth, the latter being the one we want to talk about in more depth. 

When we experience these hormone surges we can often see an increased amount of hair growing, this may be that you notice you are having to shave more often, the hair seems thicker or darker or even hair cropping up in places you may have never had it in before. 

So let’s talk a little bit more about why hair growth changes when our hormones dip or spike and the different types of hair on our bodies.

Generally speaking when women experience a drop in oestrogen this tends to allow our testosterone to become more active. Testosterone is a hormone that promotes hair growth but unfortunately it promotes it in male pattern areas so, face, nipples, chest, stomach to name a few, also generally resulting in thicker darker hairs. You may also feel like your head hair becomes finer, dull or limp. These changes in hormones can happen over a longer or shorter period of time, the side effects may be permanent or short lived or you may naturally have a higher level of one hormone over the other, as mentioned earlier hormones are very hard to determine! 

Back to the hair itself, there are 2 types of hair on our bodies, vellus hair and terminal hair. 

Vellus hair is the fine downy hair that is found on the body and face, these hairs are generally low/unpigmented and very fine fluffy hair. This indicates that these hairs do not have a strong blood supply. (check out our derma-planing blog to learn how you can get rid of the peach fuzz!)

The second type of hair is terminal hair, these hairs tend to be pigmented and thicker. Found on the scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes, pubic and underarm areas. They can vary in thickness and colour, this indicates that these hairs have a strong, healthy blood supply. 

At any one time there are 3 stages of growth in an average hair growth cycle. Anagen (active,) Catagen (tired,) telogen (resting.)  As humans we are covered in trillions of hair cell terminals but not all of these terminals are in an active growing phase at the same time, for example around only 30% of the hair on your legs will be in this state of growth. Now while these pesky hormones and hairs may cause some of us some trouble, fear not as we have a solution if you want to rid yourself of the problem hairs for good!

Laser hair removal is the most effective way to achieve a permanent hair reduction. By the end of your treatment course we aim to reduce the hair in the area to be treated anywhere between 70-90%

The laser works by destroying the blood supply to those hairs that are in the active phase of growing. Once the blood supply has been destroyed, new hairs are unable to grow through that particular hair cell terminal as there is no food to nourish a new hair. Repeating this procedure over a course of sessions will result in the desired permanent hair reduction. 

While we cannot guarantee anything when it comes to navigating hormones and hair growth the results we have with our laser hair removal system are incredible.

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