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Boost your home skincare routines

Did you know you can BOOST your home skincare routines and achieve salon results?

You can either do 1, 2 or all 3 of these ideas;

> 1. Home Rollering

> 2. Electro sonic DF mobile device

> 3. Use Skin Care Supplements

1. Home Rollering with the Environ Cosmetic Roll CIT will enhance the penetration of our topical products by 10,000 times!

As our skin gets stronger and healthier it will also become thicker and therefore it will be harder for our products to penetrate to where we need them to be in order to achieve the best results.

When we roller the skin we use 0.01m needles which we cant feel apart from a very light scratch, these needles create invisible pathways to drip feed the skin and get better penetration.

In order to use the roller you must be acclimatised to AVST level 2 Environ Moisturiser. So if you are on level 2 or higher then you definitely need to add this into your routine.

2. The Electro-sonic DF Mobile Device is a handheld device from Environ that helps to stimulate the skin to allow for significantly higher concentrations of active ingredients to where the skin needs them most.

The result is, improved skin health and wellness, as well as a noticeably improved complexion, texture and radiance which increases the more the device is used. It can be used to target specific problem areas as well as the whole face. This mobile device uses electric current making it the closest thing to your in-salon treatments. We are offering 10% off both the handheld device and chosen serum with a complimentary Image Skincare Hydrating Anti Ageing sheet mask. That’s a saving of up to £62.

3. Skincare Supplements; everyone knows how much we love the Advanced Nutrition programme supplements at the salon.

We have a whole range of skin supplements depending on your concerns and skin type. These will treat the skin all over the body and treat the dermis of the skin which is where our collagen is produced and where our moisture and oil levels are controlled.

By feeding the skin from the inside out we can power charge our routines and gain long term results.

Please call or message us for more info on any of the above items.


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