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February Treatments and Tips

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We thought January would never end, but we're now halfway through February! We've been putting in to practice the new training in Plasma technology with some amazing results that we'll share soon, so watch this space......

You can ask us in the salon for info on these amazing new treatments and also find out about the 10-minute Facelift or the latest Environ Cool Peel Facials.

 My Skin Treatments Winter months can be hard on Hands. So why not book in for a Luxury Manicure with Hot Mitts to Hydrate and Nourish and keep them looking young and cared for. Whether it's a classic French Manicure or the current colour trend of peach or tangerine, Jessica Nail polish gives you a beautiful finish.

My Skin Tips

We are all suffering from dry and dehydrated skin, it's the weather and the time of year!   But what can you do to keep your skin as healthy as possible? Allowing our skin to regenerate itself at night time is key. You can start the process off with a good nighttime routine. Always ensure you take off your makeup gently and follow with a good cleanser and toner for your skin type. A serum will also do wonders to repair the skin and hydrate the lower layers by preventing epidermal water loss.

We can recommend the best products for you and we also have a range of supplements that will feed the skin from the inside out, ensuring your skin is treated from top to toe. And don't forget to keep on drinking water, it's the number one thing that's FREE to do and so good for you.

That's all for this time, hope o see you soon.

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