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The Surprising Missing Ingredient in your skincare!

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Have you ever suffered with any of the following:


      • Breakouts/acne

      • Redness

      • Dullness

      • Loss of firmness

      • Signs of ageing

      • Eczema/Psoriasis

      • Sensitivity 

    You may be missing something from your skin care routine that you never thought you needed! 

    We believe that beauty starts from the inside. What you feed your skin on the inside will show up on the outside, like a mirror image we need to be aware of what we are putting into our bodies and the impact that has on our skin!

    It’s a fact that our gut and our skin is linked! interesting right?

    Have you ever noticed after a heavy night you may get a breakout, or after eating spicy foods you get a flare up?

    This is because 80% of our immune system is made up in our gut, so when we eat certain foods that our bodies aren’t designed to digest they set off alarm bells and set up an inflammatory response.

    This inflammatory response then shows itself on our skin in a number of different signs!

    Gut Health means a balance of healthy gut bacteria’s and immune cells to ward off bad bacteria’s that can cause poor gut health.

    Therefore we need to be making sure we are feeding our guts with the right foods, and not only feeding our guts but feeding our good bacteria’s as well to make sure we keep a good amount of them to keep the bad bacteria away!

    But as we all know it’s not always as easy as it sounds to make sure the food we eat is clean. The way foods are farmed, picked and packed and travelled etc is not the same as 50 years ago so ideally we need to supplement with probiotics, prebiotics and digestive enzymes to ensure we keep our guts as healthy as possible!

    “I have always been so interested in feeding the skin from the inside and as many of our clients know I always recommend our skin supplements for long term change and ongoing maintenance so it has been a great progression to learn more about gut health and what is quickly being known as our ‘second brain'”. Lucy, Owner and skin specialist at My Skin Boutique

    Everyone can benefit from improving their gut health, and it’s easier than you think!

    You need that missing ingredient.

    At My Skin Boutique, we are skin and gut health experts and have tried and tested Green Synergy Elixir skin conscious women in Teddington, the results have been unbelievable!

    We are here to help, and have an easy online consultation form for you to have bespoke, personalised advice.

    Happy Healthy Gut and skin