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I used to suffer with terrible ingrown hairs and razor rash and it really got me down so I was so glad to find laser as an alternative.

After just two sessions of laser I could see a difference! I am so happy with my results and the girls at My Skin Boutique are so professional and knowledgeable I felt comfortable instantly and knew I had made the right decision!

At My Skin Boutique we are committed to helping our clients get the best results!

We understand how uncomfortable it can be to have excess hair, ingrown hairs and razor rash.

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Utilising the latest evolution in Laser technology –SMARTDiode is the latest method for the removal of unwanted hair, super-fast, safe and minimal discomfort!

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How would you feel if you didn't have to shave anymore?....

The future of hair removal is here!

Tired of continually removing hair with traditional methods?

It is estimated that 75% of women would like to remove areas of hair growth permanently! Are you one of these?

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Consultation and Patch Test £35

The Consultation and Patch Test is your first step to hair free. We’ll take your medical history and make sure you are safe to treat, before applying a few shots of Laser energy to each area you plan to have treated. As well as being an important safety check, you also get to experience the Laser sensation before your first proper treatment.

Prices start from just £26!

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– Upper Lip OR Chin


– Upper Lip AND Chin
– Underarm
– Half Face
– Bikini


– Half Arm
– Upper OR Lower Leg
– High Bikini
– Brazillian


– Full Arm
– 3/4 Leg
– Hollywood


– Full Leg
– Chest
– Back


Our membership is designed to enable everyone to remove their unwanted hair at an affordable price. This membership is completely interest free and includes all of the benefits below!

Membership includes:
8 sessions of laser
payment plan over 12 months

Welcome Gift
Priority booking
Complimentary skin consultation
10% discount on full price products
£10 voucher for a facial treatment


A SMARTDiode laser treatment uses selected wavelengths of low energy light rapidly pulsed onto the skin up to 600 times a minute, to gently heat the target hair follicles causing terminal damage directly to the hair’s chromophores and prevent hair regrowth. Endorsed by leading medical experts the SMARTDiode technology is safe and highly effective in the treatment of permanent hair reduction.

Each laser treatment effects approximately 30% of the hair within the target area. We recommend a minimum of 6 treatments, with some hair types requiring more. The average amount for a successful program is 8 treatments.

Depending on the area that is being treated visits could be every 2-6 weeks

Using a ‘slide and glide’ technique a treatment can be completed in minutes. Dependant upon the area being treated will determine the length of the appointment. For Example an underarm session can be completed in as little as 10 minutes and for a full bikini session it can be 20 minutes. The treatment applicator is swept back and forth repeatedly across the designated area whilst rapid pulses of low energy light are pulsed into the skin ensuring full coverage and effective treatment

unlike traditional laser or IPL, using high energy levels that may cause discomofrt and pain, a SMARTDiode treatment is much more comfortable due to the lower energy light and advanced built in cooling system to ensure minimal pain even in the most sensitive areas.

a SMARTDiode treatment can be performed on all skin types. The SMARTDiode technology of low energy pulses allows for succesful treatment in both dark and fair skin types alike, even tanned skin. suitable for both men and women, SMARTDiode is the answer!

the great thing with the SMARTDiode is that even with tanned skin we can still treat. what we call an active tan is when you have exposed the area in direct sun in which case we will advise to wait at lest 1 week until treating the area again. We can therefore work appointments easily around holidays 🙂

if you have taken any antibiotics within the last 2 weeks we must wait at least 2 weeks since your last dose.

when we do a consultation we need to know all the medications that you are currently taking and also your medical history with previous medications taken. This is due to many medications preventing the treatment from being suitable. laser uses ‘light’ and many medications can cause sun sensitivity. we even require information on herbal medicines

A thorough consultation will be gone through with you so that we can take medical history, check your suitability and explain the treatment fully to you. We will then perform a patch test on the areas you require and then you are able to book in your first treatment after 48 hours.

Please note that the patch test is only valid for 4 weeks therefore if you decide to go ahead and start your treatments outside of that time frame then you will need to book and pay again for another patch test.

Laser hair removal is known as permanent hair reduction and cannot be called permanent hair removal due to factors that can cause hair to be stimulated again. For example, extreme severe illness, hormones or prolonged use of medication. This is not the case for everyone but we must make you aware. In general you will find that results will last you a lifetime!

As we carry out thorough consultations we will have already established your suitability for the treatment. We usually expect to see a good result within 3-4 sessions so when we reassess at this point and there has been no change we will then be able to advise on a new course of action.

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